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Yesterday Naomi officially graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Once she finishes her internship, she’ll receive her diploma and be free to do all the art she wants! She’s spent the last few weeks creating lists of projects to work on after everything school-related is said and done, and we’re so excited to start working on bigger things and showing them off to everyone!

I’m using this first post as a test for how the Blog function works on SquareSpace—we’re both still so new to website-making and I’ve only taken up CSS and HTML a few weeks ago in preparation, excuse us for any issues and ugliness as we work through the kinks and figure out what we can and cannot do on SS.

The image attached to this post is of Naomi’s Senior Show display, the pieces from her last 3 years at MCAD she feels s best shows off her varied abilities (my personal favorite has always been the Unicorn Drink on the far right, but the dragon piece on the left might win). We had to take it down earlier today after having been up for a week. It was a little emotional leaving the building for probably the last time (while running to the car because of that Minnesota spring rain).

I’d like to introduce myself as well—since this is a website for Naomi I will not be talking about myself much but I’d like to not just be some ghost behind a keyboard. Hi, I’m Nicole, Naomi’s roommate and friend and ‘online prescence manager’. I run her website, her email, her Instagram, her Patreon, her Facebook page (for the short period of time it was active), and probably any other future social endeavors. We’ve been an inseperable team for twelve years since meeting in the 6th grade, and we’ve probably got a few more decades left in our friendship.

We’ll be using this blog to keep people on top of Naomi’s future larger projects, hoping to do an every-other-week update schedule. If you’re looking for more frequent updates on smaller projects and WIPs, check our her Instagram: @NaomiLeigh.arts, and if you appreciate her art and want to maybe pay her for monthly gifts, check out the tiers on her Patreon: If you have a question or a request or are looking for commission prices, feel free to email us at

Can’t wait to show you all what’s planned ahead! Thank you for looking around.